Stainless steel rebar applications in buildings, bridges and concrete structures

Valbruna Stainless Steel
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 •  Highway 101, Northebend, Oregon - USA (Haynes Inlet Sough Bridge)  
  Reval was used in the spring joints of the vault in a bridge near the Pacific Ocean.



Motorways Tunnels  
  The restoration works of the tunnels had been imposed by the disarrangements of the concrete covering caused by the constant percolation of water through the rock and spun concrete. REVAL annuls the risk of corrosion provoked by the strong dampness united with the chemical reduction action of the exhaust gases of vehicles.

 •  Road "Tibertina"  
 •  SS 87/88 Tammaro, Italy  


Bassano bridge  
  The restoration of the bridge required the substitution of the original foundation poles of the bridge bent with new poles of reinforcing stainless steel

 • Gladstone Bridge, Queensland - Australia  
The Gladstone Bridge, built in 1960, showed corrosion of the reinforcing mild steel on the deck. REAVL bars are joined with original carbon steel structure

 • Aleghero Bridge, Italy  
 • Barton Bridge, Richmond - North Yorkshire  

Bridge Pier Replacement on the A1M Barton Bridge at Richmond North Yorkshire

 • Cowside Bridge, North Yorkshire  
 • Hutton Rudby Bridge, North Yorkshire  
 • San Benedetto Po Bridge  

Maintenance work in the foundation decks and piers of the reinforced concrete bridge.

 • Shenzhen Western Corridor, Hong Kong  

Represents the western passage between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The passage was completed in 2005.

 • Hogg’s Hollow Bridge - HWY 401 - Canada  


 • Driscoll Bridge on the Garden State Parkway, Woodbridge, NJ  

This is the largest project in the USA. Stainless Steel used: DUPLEX

 • Bridge in the Czech Republic  

Also the government of the Czech Republic decided on the use of Stainless steel reinforcement bars in its projects.

 • Orumiyeh Bridge, Iran  

Orumiyeh bridge will be constructed in the center of the lake, making it convenient to cross over instead of passing 174 km on the road around the lake.


 •  Rail Viaduct, Venezia-Padova – Italy  
 •  Viaduct SIEVE, Firenze - Italy  
 •  Viaduct Villastellone, A6 – Italy  

 •  Napoli Harbour, Graving Dock - Italy  
 •  Trapani Harbour, Italy  
 •  Savona Harbour, Italy  

 •  Guildhall  
  An historical complex widening.

 • Colosseo  
  The work involved the partial restoration of the arena floor. The foundation in roman concrete was reinforced by stainless steel ribbed bars.

 • S. Rocco Church  
  The work of restoration was realized employing REVAL as the wall tie for the supporting structure of the bell tower.

 •  S. Zeno complex  
  The restoration of St. Zeno church has included the Kiosk, the abbey, the ceiling of the church and the bell tower. The REVAL bars have been extensively employed in all parts of the consolidation of the building’s original structure.

 •  Cathedral of Milan  
  Anchorage to the existing masonry of the support for projecting elements.

 • Land Register Palace  
  The technique of static consolidation was performed by means of core borings in the building structure of the columns followed by insertions of the bars which were then anchored by means of injections of synthetic materials.

 • Le Zitelle complex  
  The marine environment which included phenomenons of saline dampness in the foundations and the need to guarantee the intervention at the time determined the choice of stainless steel rebars of highest adherence.

 • Church of St. Maria degli Amalfitani  
  The static consolidation of the romanesque church was realized employing stainless steel rebars. The intervention required the realization of an attic of metallic pylons completed by a humidity insulation layer.

 • Major project in Oman  

 •  Swimming Pool, San Francisco  
 •  Hospital of Brunico  
  The jobs of restructuring and enlargement of the hospital of Brunico required the employment of REVAL as reinforcement of an elevated durability in correction elements of insulation to minimize cold bridges in reinforced concrete overhanging decks and magnetic interference.



Dwelling units  
  The reinforced brick masonry was built with stainless steel so as not to alter the terrestrial magnetic field and to resist in a zone of high seismic risk.

 •  Nuclear Plant in France  
  Reval has been used to build ferroconcrete drums for disposal of radioactive nuclear wastes. In this application, for safety reasons, is mandatory the use stainless steel in order to avoid cracks in the concrete (caused by reinforcing bars corrosion) and subsequent waste leaking.
Revalฎ employed: AISI 304L, diameters 8,10,12,14,16 and 20 mm

 •  Royal Hospital, Muscat - Oman  
  The Ministry of Health in Oman along with the consultants have approved austenitic grade stainless steel rebars for construction of their magnetic resonant imaging centre at Royal Hospital in Muscat, Oman.

 •  The Pearl, Doha - Qatar  
 •  Progetto Mose, Venice - Italy  
 •  Khalid Lagoon Edge Wall - Sharjah - U.A.E.  
 •  Business Bay, Creek Extension, Dubai - U.A.E.  



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